Person of the year 2018. Interviews with laureates and nominees. ALLATRA TV

XXIII solemn ceremony “Person of the year – 2018” on ALLATRA TV, to which the AllatRa movement participants were invited as the mass media.

The ALLATRA TV team communicated with talented people from different fields of activities. Guests and Nomination winners shared their sincere understandings of such questions as:
Who is a Human with a capital H?
What are the qualities of a real Human?
What can we, people, do to ensure that only human good qualities would flourish in our society, planet and ourselves?
What unites all people, regardless of their nationality, place of residence and religion?
What is Love in its highest sense?

Inspiring live answers to the topic of unity in society, creation and multiplication of the true deep value of every person —  Love.

“Serving the highest spiritual Benefit – Good – leads to the unity of the personality with its spiritual nature. All people initially have a common value: the spiritual riches. This is a guarantee of harmony and the commonality of purpose. This is what makes all people united in their deepest essence.”

Anatoly Yarmolenko, People’s Artist of Belarus, Head of the Belarusian Syabry vocal-instrumental ensemble.

Aleksandr Nikonenko, scientist, surgeon and transplantologist, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Roza Rymbaeva, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan.

Hermine  Poppeller, Austrian diplomat, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Austria to Ukraine. 

Igor Sokol,  Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Republic of Belarus in Ukraine. 

Arkady Raitsin, General Director of the national program “Person of the year”.

Elena Bekesha, editor of the magazine “People”  in Ukraine.

Anna Korshunova, President of the “White Bird” public organization.

Tatiana Petrakova, public figure, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian Social Journal “Ukrainian People”.

Sergey Tigipko, Chairman of the Board of JSC “TASKOMBANK”.

Anatoliy Gulei, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange Board.

Ruslan Maystruk, head of the Tetievsky UTC of the Kiev region.

Mikhail Reznik, Ukrainian diplomat.

Tatyana Streltsova, executive director of Khodlmaer Logistics Ukraine LLC.

Michael Geschke, Regional Director of Khodlmaer Logistics Ukraine LLC.

Fortunato Guadalupe, General Director of Terra Food.

Olga Sumskaya, an actress and TV host, people’s artist of Ukraine.

Oleg Pinchuk, Honored Ukraine Artist.

Marisia Gorobets, TV host.

Svetlana Orlovskaya, the host of the TV channel “Pryamoy”.

Svetlana Leontieva, honoured journalist of Ukraine.

Natalia Gorbal, lawyer, family law expert.

Alexander Usik, the absolute first world heavyweight boxing champion.

Susanna Chakhoyan, Ukrainian Opera singer.

Vladimir Goryansky, an actor.

Helen Goryanskaya, a restaurant-keeper.

Gennady Viter, singer.

Elena Poddubnaya, Rector of the Institute of Creativity.

Paul Manondiz, singer.

Irina Vasilenko, singer.

Vlad Sytnik, singer.

Irina Dyudenko and Vyacheslav Dyudenko, stylists.

AllatRa TV

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