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Personality Is the True Essence of a Human | The Knowledge in Religions and Cultures of the World

In today’s world, people often associate themselves with the body or consciousness not even knowing there is something more meaningful inside of them which is their true essence. Mentionings of this are preserved in various religions and cultures.

  •  When are the Soul and Personality born in a person?
  •  Rites and traditions related to the 8th day of life
  •  What did Jesus say about the rebirth of the Soul?
  • Mentionings of reincarnation in the religions of the world
  •  What does knowledge about reincarnation give us?

Personality has a chance during their lifetime to fuse with their Soul and become an immortal being. This is the greatest gift for a human. Yet, how they handle it depends on their choice.

Life After Death. Fiction and Facts | International Online Conference of May 22, 2021″


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