Peruquois is a well-known Australian singer, uniting music of various genres in her creativity, taking their origins in different parts of the World – that’s why her songs relate to the World Music. She is called the Voice of Mother Earth, the Innermost Womanhood.

In an interview for ALLATRA TV, Peruquois shared her understanding of what true Love and true Freedom are, she told about her own experience of contact with Deep Feelings. According to the singer, her responsibility as a singer and musician is to feel love inside and always create from It.

Peruquois told about her acquaintance with the amazing Russian Soul, about the female nature and creative energy, about the value of each person and how important it is to always be yourself and trust what you feel.

During the interview, we’ve also talked about the projects of ALLATRA international public movement, about building a creative and constructive society. Peruquois believes that “Creative and constructive society begins from within men and women”, and that is why the core of such a society should be work on oneself.

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