Shadow control

Poltergeist: a product of emotions? Shadow Control. Eyewitness Stories

A story of how negative emotions and a desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex brings creatures of the invisible world into a person’s life. In their aspiration to stand out, attract attention to themselves and manipulate the opposite sex, people actively change their appearance, join various subcultures or plunge into diverse religious or esoteric trends, exchanging their life for magic. Meanwhile, they do not realize how unequal such an exchange is.

Similarly, in this episode of Shadow Control, a young girl Yana is telling how magic entered her life, accompanied by something supernatural: a poltergeist.

In this episode, you will see:

  • How the presence of shadows in a person’s life is reflected on his or her state,
  • What kinds of manifestations of the invisible world people face in their everyday life,
  • About cards and divination, and about what is transferred to a young fortune-teller along with the gift of divination. What role do shadows play in divination? Who controls whom: a fortune-teller controls shadows, or shadows control the fortune-teller?

The Shadow Control team continues collecting and telling stories of people from around the world. By joint effort, we continue studying the influence of the invisible world on our everyday life.

Dear viewers, please send your stories, constructive suggestions or ideas, to the project email:

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