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Positive Thinking. Autogenic Training. Meditations. Spiritual Practices. Answers from “AllatRa”

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The book “AllatRa” immerses one in an amazing state of comprehensive knowledge of the Truth. It gives ancient spiritual practices needed for work on oneself and fusion with one’s Soul as well as contact with the spiritual world. It reveals exclusive information about a human’s Personality and his Soul, about the meaning of a person’s life and the essence of spiritual liberation of a Personality, about how to gain true immortality.
The book “AllatRa” gives simple answers to the innermost human questions.

Download book “AllatRa”.

Many people, having come into contact with the knowledge set out in the books written by Anastasia Novykh and programmes with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, are already taking active steps in knowing themselves. AllatRa TV receives a lot of letters from people with questions that come up in the process of working on themselves. Gradually, we’re going to bring up these topics and look for answers together.

In this episode:

  • How to start working on oneself?
  • How can one learn to think positively?
  • How not to become food for the system of the Animal mind?
  • Autogenic training. Meditation. Spiritual practice. What is the difference and what’s the right way to perform them?
  • Man’s spiritual path is multi-faceted. The tools necessary for a human’s spiritual transformation have already been given. All that remains is to open oneself in the purity of one’s intentions and to have a conscientious attitude about performing practices, work on oneself in every day and to be honest with oneself.
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