Primordial physics

Postulate in the Cognition of Life. Primordial Allatra Physics

We are very glad to invite to cooperation experts in different fields of basic and applied physics, who have familiarized themselves with the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS and are interested in further learning and development of the given basis.

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The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report was prepared by the ALLATRA SCIENCE international research group of ALLATRA International Public Movement, under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. The report contains information on the origin and structure of elementary particles, as well as on basic building blocks that make up matter, interrelation of elementary particles and cosmology in  the light of the unified field theory, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, alternative energy sources, etc. It shows the importance, scale and timeliness of the latest knowledge in the field of fundamental and applied physics. It gives answers to the main unsolved questions of contemporary physics and provides relevant explanations.

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