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Power of thought – a real help after serious injuries

The discipline of thoughts offers great opportunities to a man.

«AllatRa» book

The experiments of Italian and German scientists have shown that the power of thought is able to help people recover from their illnesses! An Italian neurobiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti stated that fact. In 1992 his discovery of mirror neurons helped to make a real breakthrough in psychology and other sciences. Since then, a team of scientists together with Professor Rizzolatti has been conducting active surveys in the practical application of knowledge about mirror neurons.

One of the recent experiments involves the ability to accelerate the rehabilitation of people after serious orthopedic traumas and strokes. This method is called «action-observation therapy». It is based on the nature of mirror neurons – the mental reproduction of observed actions. While seeing necessary actions, a patient uses a positive visual impact that leads to the activation of nerve cells, which are responsible for «reflection» (reproduction) of movements. The most starling results of the experiments appeared when using this therapy for people’s recovery after serious orthopedic traumas. Usually, the recovery process of human’s motor skills after a long period without movement (for example, plaster wearing) requires significant amount of time and much efforts. In those cases, scientists showed to a patient a special film, which contained necessary movements. Thus, when watching the film, people began to walk fully in just a few days, as there was motor neurons stimulation! Although the «action-observation therapy» does not exclude other remedial measures and human’s real actions, Professor Rizzolatti says that for them, scientists, these results look like a miracle.

action-observation-therapy2Many scientists study capabilities of human thought. For example, the wave genetics founder P. Garyaev claims that people can influence on the DNA molecule with the help of their thoughts, words, and feelings. Another researcher J. Janicki states that the negative energy of thought provokes destructive natural phenomena. With his research, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist and physician, has concluded that a person is able to be free of any disease through the true faith, especially through the power of thought, as directed mental effect is capable of changing the body genetic code. The scientist explained: «With the faith in the healing power of medicine, a person changes existing processes in his body, among them those ones at the molecular level. He can «turn off» certain genes or make others “turn on” and even change their genetic code». A prominent Russian academician Anatoly Okhatrin says: «Thought forms which are full of certain moods and emotions, can be put in people and influence them; that is why thought hygiene is so necessary».

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi

Man always thinks of something, thoughts run in his head at all times, and in this connection, uncontrolled thoughts often create a negative picture. Therefore, it is very important to learn to watch what we are thinking of, to control our thoughts, and try to switch our minds towards creative and good thoughts. In this case meditation is our real help. For example, the meditations «Padma» and «Jar», presented in the book «Sensei-1» by A. Novykh. In fact, meditation is a tool that allows us to discipline our mind. When a person puts things in order in his head, then he will learn to see the world differently, through spiritual vision, from a perspective of goodness, and goodness is a cheerful mood, success, health, this is a real life. Good thoughts also have a positive effect on the psyche. A kind person begins to build a better life, people reach out for him, such a person starts to see the world in a completely different way.

Anastasia Novykh wrote in her book «Sensei-1»:

Thought is a real force. It is much more than people can imagine. Thought is able to move planets, to create and destroy entire galaxies, what has been originally proved by God himself.

So it is very important to get your thoughts under control, to avoid negativity, to learn how to switch to the good, to see the opportunities for internal growth in difficult situations, and for that you need to work on yourself every day with the help of self-control, discipline, and spiritual practices. So and in no other way a person can be happy in spite of all life circumstances, and help others do the same.

Natalia Homin

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