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Predictions of the Future. The Grail. The Two in Private

What predictions of the future are described in the book AllatRa?

December 21, 2012, is the date when the work on the book AllatRa was completed. Those who already had an opportunity to read the book AllatRa understand how important the information given in it is for every person. It is valuable Knowledge that reveals the meaning of life and death of a human, the knowledge of his Spiritual and Animal natures, the Soul and spiritual salvation; the knowledge of how people can unite in peace and build a society free from the fetters and mechanisms of the Animal mind’s impact on humanity. It is unique knowledge that changes the vector of a person’s life and his spiritual destiny if he makes his final choice in favor of the Spiritual nature. It is sacred Knowledge of what is most important for every person. The book AllatRa is the Fiery Bible that burns the hands of those who are dead and is a guiding star for those who are reviving for Life.

It is no coincidence that the date when Anastasia Novykh finished working on the book AllatRa — December 21, 2012 — is considered to be the beginning of the countdown of the time left for humanity and the beginning of changes in society, taking into account the knowledge of the ancients and their predictions regarding humanity’s future. It is interesting that ancient predictions talked not only about the fact that in the future humanity would be on the verge of a decisive choice but also about a book and a sign that would precede the beginning of these events. In a time so significant for humanity, a sacral mystery is unraveled — the Grail that gives its possessor power over power. “Sensei. The Primordial of Shambhala” Book IV by Anastasia Novykh contains many riddles, sacral texts of the ancients about the Grail, hints, and indications of where a modern person should look for the Grail.

The book AllatRa gives keys to understanding the primordial spiritual knowledge of how to get liberated from the captivity of the material world during a lifetime and become a dweller of the Spiritual World, the world of God.

This is the dubbing of the video that was published back in January 2014.

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Sensei of Shambala. Book IV” by Anastasia Novykh

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