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Primary and Secondary Consciousnesses

PRIMARY CONSCIOUSNESS AND SECONDARY CONSCIOUSNESS. Why do different desires arise in a person, and how does this affect his behavior and life? “Who am I?” Why is a completely different person activated in you when you interact with different people? Why do people sell themselves when they meet other people? What is the foundation of the psychology of emotions and motivation based upon? How does the dominance of primary consciousness or secondary consciousness affect the spheres of human life: family, household matters, work, career, creativity, and intellectual development?

HOW TO DISTINGUISH THE DOMINANCE OF PRIMARY OR SECONDARY CONSCIOUSNESS IN ONESELF? How does the fight between primary consciousness and secondary consciousness take place in a human, and how is it reflected on human behavior? Under what conditions do consciousnesses unite in tandem of influence, and how to resist that? Peculiarities of the interconnection between primary and secondary consciousnesses.

While developing, how does Personality master practical skills of exploration, regulation and control of primary and secondary consciousnesses?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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