Science in a Creative Society

Programming in radio astronomy. Andrey Kazantsev from Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory. Neural networks

The topic of the live broadcast of the program “Science in a Creative society” is the use of programming in radio astronomy. Our interlocutor — scientist Andrew Kazantsev, highly qualified Junior researcher of the Department of discrete radio sources Pushchino radio astronomy Observatory of Astro space center of Physical Institute. P. N. Lebedev of the Russian Academy of Sciences, lecturer of the Department of management of information systems and digital infrastructure of the National research University Higher school of Economics.

Questions that were raised during the broadcast:

  • Pulsar research: stages of processing and analysis of data from radio telescopes;
  • Programming languages used in radio astronomy;
  • Neural networks and artificial intelligence( AI), artificial consciousness, prospects and risks of AI development;
  • Programming in nature;
  • Popularization of science.

We will also discuss the topics of building a Creative society live on ALLATRA TV.

We invite experts in the field of natural Sciences to participate in the program “Science in a creative society” contact e-mail:

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