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Prohibition of Images in Religions | Life After Death

Who do we pray to in churches: the living God or dead images? There were no images of Jesus in the catacombs of the early Christians – researchers find only symbols and signs there. In Islam, any images of God or the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are forbidden.

Watch in the video:

  • When did the tradition of worshiping icons rather than God arise?
  • Why did all the prophets forbid images?
  • Is the resurrection of the dead in their bodies possible?
  • How do the dead interfere in the life of the living?
  • Why does the Quran say that closer to the Day of Judgment all people will become Muslims?

It is up to each individual to decide where to spend their most precious resource – time and attention. However, we need to remember that if we take care of the dead, we can never become the Living.

“Life after Death. Fiction and Facts | International Online Conference of May 22, 2021″

“Subpersonality” | Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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