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Properties of renewable technologies with Ye Tao from the Rowland Institute at Harvard (USA)

The guest speaker of today’s conversation is Dr. Ye Tao Rowland from the Rowland Institute at Harvard. He is a Chinese Canadian scientist with a degree in mechanical detection of weak forces. His laboratory is working on nano-scale heterogeneous matter and studying physical and chemical phenomena. In addition, Dr. Ye Tao is the CEO of the project MEER Reflection, which is a non-profit organization that allows engineering solutions for climate change.

During his interview, our speaker also answers the following questions:

  • What research Dr. Tao is currently involved in;
  • What the purpose of MEER Reflection project is and why this project is very important;
  • The purpose of aerosols;
  • How rapid is climate change;
  • How much time we have;
  • If we unite can we do this, can we survive;
  • How people can make a big change by coming together under the idea of building the Creative Society.

We kindly invite experts in any scientific field to participate in the program “Science in a Creative Society.”

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