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Prospect and Reality

The world is changing rapidly. Climatic changes are progressing every day. We are approaching a certain verge that can put an end to the existence of the entire humankind. What are the chances and prospects of the proposal voiced by the scientist Dr. Egon Cholakian in his appeal on August 13th, 2023? Why right now, in his opinion, should politicians bury all the hatchets of war, sit down at the same negotiating table and come to an agreement; open borders for the free migration of people so that our world has time to adapt to the new climatic situation we are entering, and establish a unified research center? Can this become a chance to save humanity and serve as a precursor to the transition period into the Creative Society?

“Urgent Announcement from Scientist: The World is on the Brink of Catastrophe”

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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