Kaleidoscope of facts

Prospects of Civilization. Kaleidoscope of Facts. Episode 8

Wars, famine, turmoil and conflicts. Despite all the problems of consumer society, we call it civilization. But what is civilization in its true meaning? What are the three basic conditions for its formation, and how can we as humanity begin to evolve?

– What is civilization?
– What is true unification of people?
– What does power lead to?
– Why were we given technology?
– What are the 6 stages of civilization?
– Why do they write science-fiction books, and what knowledge have its authors put into them?
– What is free energy?
– How can we create objects from elementary particles?
– What are the prospects for the development of healthcare, communication technology, teleportation and high-speed travel?
– Artificial consciousness Jackie. Where can we use additional consciousness?
– The All-Seeing Eye of God and vajra. What do we know about them?
– What benefits does the Creative Society offer to each person?
– Why is it important to be in sync, and what does the global choice of all humanity consist in?
– What are the prospects for individual professions in the Creative Society?
– How can we achieve the main goal of humanity’s development – the Ideal Society that all the prophets dreamed of?

International online conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of


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