Psychology. Discovering the Truth. Episode 1

In-depth analysis of the subjects topical for every person. Who am I? What is the True meaning of Life? How to break away from the vicious circle of thoughts and problems? And who has assigned this circle for us? What is the true source of Joy and Happiness, and where to find it? Can science answer these questions?

Simple and honest answers to acute questions of psychology and psychiatry. Watch in Episode One:

– What has psychology lost?
– How the concepts of consciousness and Personality were distorted. The true meaning of these concepts.
– Were the founders of major trends in psychology and psychotherapy geniuses or madmen
– What catharsis is, and why this method preserves its effectiveness for centuries.
– Advantages of medical practice over dead theory. Live experience instead of a swamp of dogmata and delusions.
– Psychology’s return to the Sources of Truth.


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