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Pulsars as Beacons for Space Navigation. Interview with Astrophysicist S.A. Tulbashev from Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

“Science in a Creative Society” – a new programme on ALLATRA TV. In this programme we had a live conversation on the topics of studying pulsars and space weather, space navigation by means of pulsars-beacons, and other promising areas in astrophysics. Our interlocutor is a researcher and a wonderful person – Sergey Tyulbashev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Chief Research Assistant at Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory, director of BSA-Analytics project on the search of pulsars and fast transients. We got familiar with the two areas of Sergey Tyulbashev’s work:

  • research of pulsars
  • space weather

In addition, we talked about science in a Creative Society, the prospects of development of radio astronomy in the future, the technologies that were first used for obtaining and processing radio-astronomical data already applied in various fields of science. And also discussed how the joint work of many researchers leads to promising discoveries that can serve the entire humanity. We kindly invite experts in natural sciences to participate in the programme “Science in a Creative Society”.

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