Purple Sky. Shadows. People’s Personal Experience. THE INVISIBLE WORLD. Special Correspondent. Ep. 2

Strange natural phenomena occur around us that are difficult to explain. One of them is the purple sky. Such a phenomenon was observed by people of the United States after the hurricane Michael and before the strong thunderstorm. Residents of China saw the purple sky after a major natural disaster and earlier it was the predecessor of the most powerful earthquake. Inhabitants of London observed bright yellow sky after the hurricane Ophelia.

There is a version that purple sky may serve as a warning of impending weather events.

Nightmares, panic fear, sleep paralysis, exhaustion, life being sucked out – this is how eyewitnesses describe the aggressive manifestation of those who hide in the shadows.

The stories of different people, from different countries, and of different ages, who repeatedly face the shadows are presented in this programme. Sincere revelations, and personal experience of people who were able to get rid of the aggressive influence of invisible world.

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