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Pyramids and Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Role of Pyramids at Times of Cataclysms

Pyramids. Why were these impressive megalithic structures built? Did the ancient civilizations have a sufficient level of knowledge and technology to build them, or was it a paleocontact?

Who were those who helped to build the pyramids – those who had given people the Knowledge?

  • Why is it when we have lots of facts of ancient civilizations contacting with higher extraterrestrial beings, the official science does not speak about it openly?
  • The constellation Orion, the star Sirius, the constellations of the Dragon, Cygnus and others. Why did the ancients record a map of the starry sky in the pyramidal and temple complexes?
  • What are “Schumann waves” and what impact do they have on people and on our entire planet?
  • What role do the pyramids play in the Kali Yuga, at the time of the Crossroads?
  • How will the building of the Creative Society help us at times of rapid climate change?

These and many other questions will be answered by scientists, archaeologists, researchers and volunteers of the ALLATRA International Public Movement.

Dear friends, if you are interested in this topic and not indifferent to your future and the future of the entire planet, we suggest joining the study of the truth of the past and building a Creative Society! We can do it together!

It’s time to bring the truth back to people!

Ancient pyramids on Earth and on other planets Kaleidoscope of Facts 5

Video from the cycle SIGNS OF THE TIME “Message from the depths of the ages. Pyramids”

Video from the CLIMATE CONTROL cycle “Pyramids warning! The cycle change is 12,000 years. The beginning of disasters!

Video “Climate. The Future is Now

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