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Pyramids of the world. What is their role in times of global cataclysms? Kaleidoscope of facts 5

Pyramids of the world! Unknown pages of history are opening for all mankind by the unique international research project “Kaleidoscope of facts.”

On December 13th, 2020, the fifth online conference “Pyramids. The ancient technology.” was held on ALLATRA TV.

  • How to explain that pyramids are found not only on the surface of the Earth, under the ground and underwater, but also on other planets of the Solar system?
  • What is the secret and purpose of pyramid complexes?
  • What secret does Kailas keep?
  • Climate disasters and their cyclical nature
  • Does humanity have a chance for salvation?
  • Why does the future of civilization depend on each of us?

Together, experts, scientists and researchers from different scientific fields try to answer these and other questions.

We invite all interested people to joint the search for true answers to the unresolved questions. It’s time to return the truth to people!

Please email us if you are interested: info@allatra.tv

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