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There is one molecule that is present in every cell of every living being without exception, including our body. This is the DNA molecule.

If you count all the characters in one volume of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace”, there are a total of 750 thousand, including punctuation marks and spaces. How many such volumes of information do you think can fit in the human genome?

Some scientists claim that DNA was formed randomly, by itself. But is it really so? Science is advancing and today we have a great opportunity to answer this question.

In the documentary, we will delve into topics such as:
🔎 The story of unrecognized genius Gregor Mendel.
🔎 About the scientist who was ahead of his time – Nikolai Koltsov.
🔎 “Lysenkovshchina” or who set back the development of science for decades?
🔎 The confrontation between geneticists and “Lysenkovites”.
🔎 Yuri Altukhov on the untenability of Darwin’s theory.
🔎 The essence of the experiment of Vladimir Poponin and Petr Garyaev or about the “phantom effect of DNA”.
🔎 Experiment with monkeys.

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