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Real Olympus gods: How ancient technologies made humans appear god-like

Who were the Olympus gods in reality? How come the Greek gods and goddesses had typical human vices, like anger, envy, pridefulness, etc.? What historical data does the Greek gods mythology contain?

In this video you will also find information about:

  • Ancient  technologies of medical rejuvenation
  • Intercontinental flights of the “gods”
  • Information technology that allowed to produce and use holographic images and transmit them remotely
  • Superior construction technologies of the past
  • “Magic” objects aka ancient technologies to control people
  • Climate weapons
  • Division of territories and origin of their names
  • Origin of some international holidays

The unknown history of Atlantis: secrets and cause of destruction. The Kaleidoscope of Facts. Episode 2

“Atlantis. The elite in search of immortality” is a fragment that was shown in the video “From an Atheist to Holiness


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