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Reincarnation | Who Were You in a Past Life?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Whatever your answer is, the facts speak for themselves. People’s memories of past lives have repeatedly been recorded around the world.

This excerpt from the International Online Conference “Life After Death. Fiction and Facts” contains the most famous and proven cases that will simply turn your idea of what happens to us after death upside down.

  • 2,500 proven cases of past life memories collected by Dr. Ian Stevenson
  • Toran Singh Chahar – a personal story. The interview with the person known as Indian boy Titu
  • The Case of James Leininger. Father’s story about his son’s reincarnation
  • Activation of subpersonalities
  • Mothers’ stories of their children’s strange manifestations
  • Reincarnation of Holocaust victim Anne Frank. The case of Barbro Karlen

What to do with memories of a past life? Should we support them with our attention, or is it dangerous for the Personality who is living now?

The answer can be found in the full version of the International Online Conference “Life after Death. Fiction and Facts” 

“Subpersonality” | Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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