Relationships as They Are, and What They Can Be Like. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

In this episode of “Psychology. Discovering the Truth” we will talk about relationships with people around us.

Every person is in one relationship or another: with partners, parents and children, friends and colleagues. And we all often wonder how to make these relationships comfortable and filled with love and understanding.

  • What is the source of love, and what is the source of hatred?
  • Who pushes us to hatred?
  • Who is that me who is capable of loving?
  • How can I get along with another person? Do I have to change myself and try to change the other person?
  • Who is the beast inside me that is able to hate but unable to love?
  • How do we communicate with each other through each other’s images?
  • How can I learn to understand another person?
  • What role do body relaxation and attention control play in relationships?
  • What conditions should be created in the world so that the best qualities begin to flourish in a human?

There are still a sufficient number of gaps in psychology that do not contribute to effective solutions to people’s inquiries.

Friends, let us get to the bottom of topical issues and discover the Truth!

Send your questions and suggestions to the project email address and write in the comments below the video.


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