Resentment is a Heavy Burden. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

Participants of the project “Psychology. Discovering the Truth” answer viewers’ questions: resentment and dissatisfaction in relationships, as well as fear for our loved ones.

An unconventional look at the common problems of modern humanity gives people a chance not only to cope with everyday problems but also to understand much more, so as to eventually discover the Truth!

In this episode:

  • The right of choice
  • How can you change another person?
  • What does it take to make relationships work?
  • What is needed for Love?
  • How many emotions are there?
  • Why are we being used?
  • How are expectations formed?
  • Why are emotions dangerous?
  • What is the dominant emotion in present-day society?
  • What is every person capable of?
  • What is attention, and why is it so valuable?
  • Why do we need to change the format of society to Creative?
  • Who is to blame for all our troubles?

There are still a sufficient number of gaps in psychology that do not contribute to effective solutions to people’s inquiries.

Friends, let us together get to the bottom of topical issues and discover the Truth!


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