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Response of the nature to our actions | International Round Table

We all depend on each other and have a shared responsibility for our future. In the consumer format of society, we are used to consuming without thinking about the consequences. What have we done to our planet, our home?

  • Deforestation
  • Degradation of the soil
  • Pollution of the air
  • Destruction of marshes
  • Shortage of safe drinking water
  • Destruction of most ecosystems

Realizing the gravity of the situation, people themselves initiated the International Online Conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone”, held on July 24, 2021, with simultaneous interpreting into 72 languages. Today as a follow-up to the conference we will take a closer look at the topic of the ecological crisis at the international round table.

  • Abnormal floods and melting glaciers
  • A real picture of the ecological situation in the world: how does each person pollute the environment?
  • The importance of uniting the scientific and technological potential for the survival of all humankind

Friends, we have to remember that we live on the same planet, which is our common home. And today the unification of people, the building of the Creative Society, is the only way out of the current situation.

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Online conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone” with a selection of languages on the official website of the Creative Society project:

YouTube broadcast of the conference in English:

The Future? This Affects Everyone” | NEW VIDEO with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

ALLATRA TV International Internet Television official website:

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