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Response to Ben Davidson on His Review of the Creative Society Report. Suspicious0bservers

On January 18, Ben Davidson released a video review of our climate report presented at the Forum “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity,” and we would like to answer a few of his questions in this video.

We sincerely thank Ben for his review. We would like to express our gratitude to him for everything he does. Ben deserves a lot of respect, he spends his time and energy on warning humanity about cataclysms during the 12,000-year cycle. We have read his books, and we know how seriously and scrupulously he approaches the study of the cycle. It’s really joyful that there are people like him – enthusiasts who do not spare themselves, watching the development of events and conveying information to people. A lot of good has indeed been done for humanity. However, in terms of climate and its current manifestations, we understand that it’s unrealistic for one person to cover it all. We have to understand that the consciousness of any person is against the scenario which we are approaching. Our consciousness is also against it, we do not want this, but, unfortunately, the huge scope of data we process every day only confirms our mathematical model.

In the video review we will disscuss the topics that he raised.

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