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About the end times and the responsibility of the last people for the future of the entire humanity. What is service to Allah (the Spiritual World, God)? What is the difference between Service to Allah and personal Salvation? How to change oneself? How to defeat shaitan? How to find the road to Allah within oneself?

How to change the world? What is the single Ummah? Why did the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) tell his companions that we are the last among communities and the first community to be accountable on the Day of Judgment? What are the signs of the Hour of Judgment? What is the sudden death syndrome which was mentioned by the Prophet and which is recorded nowadays? What is the nature of this phenomenon?

How was the Truth distorted in Christianity and in Islam during the transformation of the Teaching into a state religion? History of Islam: Umar ibn Al-Khattab’s rise to power. How was the Truth brought by the Prophet Muhammad distorted after his departure? Who compiled the Qur’an and the Hadith, and how? What changes were introduced into the spiritual life of the Ummah after the Prophet’s death? Why do Muslims move in a counterclockwise direction during tawaf nowadays? Historical examples: how and why was the direction of circumambulation of Christian churches changed, for example, in Orthodox Christianity during the reign of Patriarch Nikon? Epidemics, war, famine: an artificial scheme of enslaving humanity.

Predictions of the end times. Sign of the times of Mahdi. The advent of Imam Mahdi. Why will those who get into paradise not remain in graves? What should people in the times of Mahdi know and be able to do in order to hear the Call of the Truth and know the important answer for themselves, which determines their after-death destiny?


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