Shadow control

Revelation of an Occultist. TRUTH ABOUT REINCARNATION. What Will Happen After Death?

00:00 Introduction. Answers to viewers’ questions:
03:10 Why the Nazis lost despite such a powerful occult support
06:33 Was World War II a result of Gurdjieff’s activity?
08:23 Why conscious rebirth is possible
09:24 What is the point of the “living” dead to bring humanity to death?
13:10 What is “the Great Transition”?
14:30 Reincarnation. Beginning of the topic
18:55 Role of thoughts and images in a person’s postmortem fate
22:30 Dual nature of a human
27:00 What is a soul?
31:45 What remains of a human after death
33:25 Where a deadman is after death
35:10 What is wrong with reincarnation among Buddhists?
36:20 Why do the dead need the attention of the living?
38:53 Difference between reincarnation of the “living” dead and ordinary people
40:35 About the dominant dead
44:12 Conspiracy of the dead
45:27 Why the dead help the living
48:55 What a deadman’s “connection” to a person is fraught with
53:26 Terrible secret of shamans
1:00:16 About astral traveling
1:01:30 How to verify what is said herein
1:02:36 About priests and their magic

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