Videos with I.M. Danilov


If we consider history, then a question arises: why do we still live in a world full of divisions, even among Christians, where as of today millions of people are dying in wars, of violence and hunger, and what is equally terrible, they lose their humanness in the struggle for survival? Today, humankind is really falling into the abyss. People are trying to figure out what was the trigger, the first step in the wrong direction, that all of us, people on this planet, all of us as humanity went the wrong way. There is an eternal question: who is to blame? Why, possessing intelligence, being smart people and having all the capabilities, are we divided and manipulated to this day? Why do we kill and hate each other? Why have we failed to build a united, honest and righteous world, a world where everyone would be happy, where Life would be valued, where the commandments of the prophets would be fulfilled, and where the will of God would reign?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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