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Safety For Every Person is Possible Only in The Creative Society

Safety is an integral part of normal human life. Safety is a necessary factor in maintaining the physical and psychological health of people, it contributes to full-scale interaction between an individual and society.

People spend an enormous amount of money, time, and vital energy to ensure safety. But it is actually unrealistic to ensure full safety for every person in a society with a consumerist format of relations, in a society that initiates and maintains conditions for the constant occurrence of conflicts, violence, diseases, and crises. What do we observe everywhere in the world? Unceasing wars, robberies, murders, disasters, crime and unrest, and in addition, pandemic, and a crisis. Constant economic instability contributes to the low standard of living of the population and is also an equally strong psychological factor in creating unrest of the masses. This is just a small part of the enormous number of precedents that threaten the lives of billions of people.

The safety zone includes providing essential basic human needs. Accordingly, one of the fundamental safety criteria is the availability of housing. Today, in the consumer society, there are artificially created conditions due to which a person spends half of his life to purchase housing, and the following half of his life on its preservation, payment of taxes, and paying off the debts. The experience of constant discomfort, dissatisfaction with the surrounding reality, the inability to provide the basic needs stimulate the population to worry about their future and to keep pursuing the accumulation of capital, forcing them to sink even more into an endless circle of debt dependence. At the same time, despite all the colossal efforts, time, and money, people have no guarantee of preserving their property.

An equally important criterion of safety is the preservation and maintenance of health as an integral factor of normal human life activity. And here we touch upon the deplorable, and sometimes inhumane, level of healthcare. There are a lot of cases of negligent medical care: when wrong diagnoses are made, and unjustified surgeries are performed, which lead to irreparable consequences, disability for life, or when the course of treatment is chosen from the perspective of the doctors’ benefit rather than achieving the necessary positive result for a patient. In many countries where healthcare is directly dependent on health insurance, if there is no such insurance, a person will not be provided with the necessary assistance.

Often, in the consumer society, if diagnosis and treatment are not economically viable, sometimes specialists do not care about the subsequent fate of the patient, even under threat of death. Mostly, those people who can not afford the insurance are marginalized segments of society. Paying for medical care without insurance or paying for the insurance itself is equally financially impossible for them. That is, in a consumer society the most important thing —  human life — is not valued!

And what is going on in the sector of pharmaceutics? Prices for drugs are greatly inflated. A huge number of various generics are produced with one active substance, and many of them are either ineffective or work solely at placebo level. Many medications have severe side effects that are very harmful to health, and the consequences of taking them are not evident immediately, but show up after several years. Prices for drugs with the same active substance, depending on the name of the company and the country of manufacture, thanks to advertising and PR, are inflated by dozens, if not hundreds of times, while the active substance itself costs literally a penny. In the consumerist format of relationships, the health and safety of people are not even taken into account; for many people personal profit is more important than the protection of human lives. We can observe a similar opportunistic and cynical approach in other areas related to human activity.

The engineering and social infrastructure of many cities and countries of the world are in a state of neglect and represent a ticking time bomb with a sudden effect. Despite the numerous decommissioned infrastructure facilities, the public pays close attention to the condition of those buildings, bridges, roads, enterprises, and other facilities of the techno sphere only in case of an unexpected accident, meaning, in case of a disaster instead of its prevention.

Another important point is traffic accidents. In our society, there is a set of laws, traffic rules are written, and the degree of administrative liabilities for violation of these rules is determined at the legislative level. However, the global average road traffic fatality rate is 1.25 million people per year, and 30 to 50 million people get injured per year. Although responsibility for provoking dangerous situations on the roads does exist, still it is not a factor that encourages drivers and pedestrians to abide by laws. People have an understanding of paying a fine as a formality, but there is no essential understanding of responsibility for threatening other people’s safety.

One more important factor is the existence of crime. As the international practice of various organizations for combating crime shows, in practice, no lofty goals of humane justice written on paper, no improvement of professionalism of certain experts, no official loud statements about the highest standards of justice work in the contemporary world focused on constant consumption, selfishness and self-enrichment at all costs. In international declarations the concept of “crime” is presented as a threat to maintaining law and order, but not as a threat to the life and health of the population.

People who resort to crime are driven by different motives, and, as it may seem at first glance, many factors contribute to this. However, what is the real reason? What is a person guided by in such situations? How come even potential punishment doesn’t stop him or her? What is the most common factor that pushes many people to illegal actions that violate the law and order and endanger the lives of others? The most frequent and primary reason for this is destitution and poverty created by that very notorious consumerist format of relationships; the need to survive, the existence of inequality, the imposition of a consumerist paradigm which has reached the peak of its beastly degradation today and is the root cause of all misfortunes of humanity. The paradigm of the consumerist format promises merely an illusion of hope for comfort and safety to an ordinary person. We see a similar picture both in the domestic politics of any state and in the international political relations between countries.

In the world today, many concepts of national security of this or that state have been created.  The upper echelons of the political system inform the masses about the need to strengthen the might and power of a country as an allegedly important factor in guaranteeing the safety of its citizens from possible external aggressors. However, what is the might and power of the country in the consumerist format of social relations? And what is it aimed at? The might and power of the advanced countries is the availability of the latest weapons, advanced scientific and technological achievements in the military industry, and possession of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear ones. In reality, all this is aimed at the destruction of some people by others. Is this tool that contributes to the destruction of billions of people really a guarantee of human security? Ordinary citizens are not regarded as human beings, but as a necessary resource, along with material and economic resources, to achieve certain goals of the individuals to further strengthen their power.

The military service of one or another country is theoretically designed to protect the people. But the problem lies in the fact that the people of any country are only a small part of a great society of eight billion. Accordingly, the military service of one country may be directed against the military service of another country as an external enemy, and this does not strengthen humankind, but divides it and makes it weaker. Such actions are presented to citizens from the perspective of the supposed “protection of their safety, freedom, and rights.” But with all the military interventions in history under any pretext of good causes (including protection of freedom, promotion of democracy, and introduction of humanitarianism or counterterrorism), nowhere, not a single time, have people been given either freedom or safety, only the lost health, lost housing, and a huge number of lost human lives.

And as stated in the 3rd Foundation of the Creative Society — Human Safety:

No one and nothing in society has the right to create threats to the life and freedom of a Human!


  Human Safety

No one and nothing in society has the right to create threats to the life and freedom of a Human.

Every Human is guaranteed free provision of essential life necessities, including food, housing, medical care, education, and full social security.

Scientific, industrial, and technological activities of the society should be aimed exclusively at improving the quality of human life.

Guaranteed economic stability: no inflation or crises, the same stable prices around the world, one monetary unit, a fixed minimal taxation, or no taxation at all.

The safety of Human and society from any kind of threats is ensured by the unified global service that deals with emergency situations.  

Under the conditions of the consumerist format of relations of society, in fact, there is no real guaranteed safety for every person. This format of relations has been based  on slavery, blood, and violence for all six thousand years of its existence. Existing according to the laws of this consumerist inhumane world, people experience anxiety and fear. Everyone, trying to protect oneself, creates a personal security zone, thus encapsulating from the outside world that is full of turbulence. Any interference in people’s lives is perceived by them as an infringement on their safety. Such encapsulation leads to the separation of humankind, and in case of unforeseen situations leads to arising aggressive and hostile moods of people against each other. The consumerist format deliberately directs the attention of the individual exclusively to himself. Everyone tries to preserve and protect, first of all, their own lives, often neglecting the value of the life of another person. Such concepts as “one society” and “one family” are artificially excluded by specially created inhuman conditions in the existence of billions of people, and by the presence of a set of dangers in their daily lives.

But in reality, the whole human family should be a safety zone. It is impossible to establish real safety separately. In other words, the degree of unity of all humankind determines the degree of safety of every Human being. One human society should serve as support for each Personality. Only in this way the creation of a real safe environment for all people becomes possible. Under the consumerist format of relations of society with the promotion of inhumane relations and activation of animal instincts in people, such things can not be implemented. The vitally important unification of humanity into one family is possible only in the case of building a new Creative Society. Only such a creative paradigm based on unification and consolidation can exclude any precedents and threats to life and freedom of every Human on Earth.

The disunity of society and constant confrontation by the countries are inevitable under conditions of the consumerist format of mutual relations. Accordingly, there is always a risk of conflicts between states, which often grow into a form of armed confrontation of their paramilitary services and, as a result, lead to combat operations and deaths of innocent people. On this basis, the only way to eliminate such precedents, which threaten the lives of people, is to reformat the disparate military services into a single world service, which would truly be a pillar of a peaceful life for the population.

In the Creative Society, the availability of a single worldwide emergency service is vital for guaranteed protection of everyone. This will remove the artificially created “external enemy” as it exists today, and unite society against real dangers. It will help to preserve valuable resources and direct them towards solving actual urgent problems, as well as will prevent many accidents and save millions and billions of human lives! Even in case of a dangerous situation, a single worldwide service will allow people to easily consolidate and direct the necessary funds, specialists, and equipment to the required location and quickly eliminate the danger that has arisen. People who like risk will be able to apply their talents and abilities not to serving certain individuals who want to implement plans profitable to them through proxies, but to an honest and noble defense of society. Everyone who wants to honorably defend people will be a guarantor of human safety and fair justice. The service of such people will be honored, valued, and supported by the whole society.

The planned economy in the Creative Society will create the necessary economic stability, which, in turn, will a priori exclude emergence of crises and inflations. The unity of the society will allow us to develop communication and logistics. Thanks to this, nobody will be lacking anything in the Creative Society, because everything needed for human life-support will be available to everyone anywhere in the world at the same prices, stable and equal. In turn, the guaranteed prosperity, welfare, and stability in everyone’s life will remove precedents of illegal actions and create favorable ground for personal development.

Modern society is faced with a global challenge of survival of the entire humanity. For the real safety of billions of people and saving their lives, a transition of society to a creative format is vital. The 8 Foundations of the Creative Society represent the necessary framework for building a new dialogue aimed at finding ways to rescue our civilization. In the Creative Society, preventative measures in life support, security, and equality are guaranteed to all without bias.

The choice between the consumerist format of relationships focused on destroying a human being and the creative format of relationships focused on the revival of humanity is the last chance for it to survive: it is either Life or death. We either betray ourselves and our descendants by ending the existence of our humanity, or we implement the Creative Society. Under the consumerist format, humankind has already come to its peak point of self-destruction, and it cannot go on like this any longer. However, it is up to us to choose what the outcome will be. The time has come to decide our common destiny. The decision is up to everyone! It is determined by one’s action in the chosen direction or inaction. And in this case, an equally huge degree of responsibility rests with each of us. The time has come for positive change, for personal transformation of oneself and for global change in society! All of us need to realize: it is now or never.

Would you like to live in a safe world of stability and security so that the word “war” is never heard in it? Would you like to guarantee the safety of your children’s lives? Would you like a really happy Creative Society with equal opportunities for everyone? As of today, the Creative Society is an essential vital need of every sane inhabitant of our planet! The need for the Creative Society is the quintessence of every human who cares about their future and the future of their children. All of us just need to remember that our strength is in unity! People who want a better world represent a prevailing majority. If we unite and start acting in a new creative vector of our civilization development, the dream society will be implemented very soon. We can easily do it if each of us makes our choice through real action already now! If people choose the Creative Society, no one will lie to us anymore, no one will be able to deceive us and manipulate us. Only the Creative Society is that force which can lead humanity out of crisis and provide the ways of solving the accumulated problems of society. Together we can withstand all trials and attain the New World of security, development, and prosperity. The future destiny of humanity depends on everyone!

Alex Friedman

Creative Society

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