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Save your soul, for its catcher is not sleeping

…The ancients, while explaining the spiritual journey of human, figuratively compared the body to a boat in which person sails the ocean of illusions, heading for the lighthouse of the Soul. The Animal nature and the Animal mind, on the other hand, were compared to an all-pervasive Enemy who seeks to occupy man’s mind with temporary unimportant things and distract from the Eternal, from the light of the Soul’s lighthouse. After all, a predilection for the illusion of matter narrows the outlook and limits the mind to the problems of the boat, not extending further than one metre from its edge. This is how man’s Enemy tries to lead a person astray from the right direction. However, one shouldn’t be deluded by the ocean of illusions and the short stay in the boat. When a person finishes his voyage, he will abandon the boat on the shore as something temporary which is no longer needed for his journey and is subject to decay and destruction. Everything visible will disappear and turn into nothing, the way a burning candle disappears. Only the one who is not attached to visible things takes care of the Soul. As wise people said:

Save your soul, for its catcher is not sleeping. Keep guard over every hour and each minute and use your life for the benefit of saving your soul

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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