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Scientific Evidence of the Existence of God | Kaleidoscope of Facts 31 (Part I)

The question of the existence of God concerns every person: atheist, believer, and scientist.

  • What do scientists know about God? Why do some completely deny His existence, while others come to the understanding that everything can be put in its place the way it is only by possessing boundless wisdom?
  • What has science done to remove knowledge of God and distort information about the creation of the Universe and the making of man?
  • Was there a Big Bang? If so, how did matter manage to self-organize?
  • What significance do fundamental constants play in shaping the conditions for life in the Universe?
  • Who created the theory of evolution and for what purpose?

Find the answers to these questions in Kaleidoscope of Facts, Episode 31 “Scientific Evidence of God’s Existence.”

It’s time to bring the Truth back to the people!

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