Primordial physics

Secrets of the Universe. Ezoosmic grid. What is it? Primordial AllatRa Physics

What did ancient people know about the Universe origin? What do Egyptian pictures. Chinese philosophical treatises. and petroglyphic paintings of the ancients have in common? How can we explain exactly the same ancient signs on different continents a thousand of kilometers away from each other? Why should people pay attention to the artefacts from thousands of years ago while exploring outer space? What is the ezoosmic grid?

Why were the pagan beliefs of Slavic nations eliminated? What is common between the creation of the world and the goddesses of fate – the Egyptian Nate, Atsentma in Alaska. and the Slavic Mokosh?

We are very glad to invite to cooperation experts in different fields of basic and applied physics, who have familiarized themselves with the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS and are interested at further learning and development of the given basis.

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