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Selfishness or Altruism? What is the Value of Altruism?

What is the reason that a person uncontrollably splashes out his negativity on others and is subject to attacks of consciousness? First of all ,why is the individual affected by this negativity in such situations?

How do we see the world around us? What does each of us understand when we see the cruelty, rampant climate, and all the negativity of this world? What picture does our consciousness draw?

The slaves of consciousness are oppressed and immobilized, but if we, as Personalities, are free, we see prospects and opportunities. How are we already changing the format of society from the consumer-oriented to the creative one? Why are a lot of people actively joining us now?
What is the difference between actions and deeds of an egoist and of a free Personality? How can a true hero be distinguished? What does altruism save a person from? How can this phenomenon be explained in terms of medicine and anatomy?

Altruism and selfishness are incompatible things.

Watch the full version of the video ” True Heroes”, an excerpt of which is presented in this video.


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