Separate the living from the dead!

The latest program, a Live Book, the film-journey “Consciousness and Personality. From Inevitable Dead to the Eternally Alive” helped me to really set apart the black from the white. Before I started watching it, I felt fear and realized that my consciousness was avoiding this program. It began looking for excuses that “there’s no time”, that “it is too long”… However, inside me, there was yearning for everything that is given to us by the Holy Spirit.

At the beginning, when I started watching, it happened as if I was in a comedy with lots of laughter – everyone who could call did it, everything was falling apart, the kids were making a lot of noise. For about half an hour, I tried to start watching the film but immediately put it on hold, because something kept happening and it required my attention. Then the technology problems started. There were various technical glitches, but finally they came to an end and I managed to delve into an incredibly deep and sensual conversation…

But consciousness still continued the attack. First, it began whining, “I can’t do anything and I will fail”, then it was telling me, “You are hopeless”. Tears and despair were overwhelming. But then this realization dawned: It all didn’t concern me, those were the problems of consciousness and it tried to inflict them on me. It can’t really do all of this, but it had nothing to do with me.

Then I became envious of the guys: They were lucky, they were there, so close, and what about me… After a while, I got overwhelmed with enormous joy that I felt for them. If they were able to do that, then everything is possible! They shared their real experience, anyone could embrace it and use it for a greater good. Then I became annoyed with the girls: by the way they were talking, by the fancy words whose meaning I didn’t know. But despite all that, I felt great desire to continue watching, and this feeling was just beautiful! It was then that I suddenly saw the dead and the Living in myself. The former is irritated by what is being said. The latter is Living, it is thriving on tremendous Gratitude and Joy. What I pay more attention to, is getting stronger.

It’s been a personal experience of how the white breaks away from black inside me. And I had a choice what to nurture with my awareness. I received a lot of important information which altered my deep-rooted ideas and attitudes. I felt the discomfort of consciousness because of this, but also the Personality’s Jubilation due to the feeling of inner freedom! When they began talking about the primary and secondary consciousness, my own consciousness brazenly refused to accept this information. I developed a headache. Everything seemed so complicated and confusing. In spite of that, after I had some rest, I resumed watching.

And then the dead again got separated from the Living. I realized that my mind had been deceiving me, made me lost like “a baby in the woods”. My consciousness became my imposter. But it wasn’t me, those were the games of primary consciousness, which was observing the secondary one and recounting that it was the Personality’s observations. That moment clarified what I previously could not comprehend. Everything clicked into place.

Also important for me was the downfall of the renowned authorities which I experienced while watching the program. Although my consciousness was telling me that it must have happened long ago, I was still feeling it at the moment. I realized that in my mind I had crowned many people, praised them, and convinced myself that following them, I would find salvation. There had been a mere shift of responsibility on my path to the God, disbelief and distrust in myself and my own abilities, and therefore in the God himself.

After I had realized all that, I felt incredible freedom and power enabling me to move on. No one would go my way but me, and it’s impossible to reach out the Spiritual World but through immersion within yourself only. Following someone, I would extend my journey, because I would repeat this other person’s good deeds, but also his or her mistakes. And we should not be afraid of making our mistakes. You don’t fall only if you don’t walk…

The next moment of the dead separation from the Living was the moment of magic. Before that, I was convinced that I had nothing to do with magic. But then I saw that magic was an integral part of my life. I just had no idea what it was. When the program clarified it, it became clear what I needed to work on and where to go next…

I described only a few moments due to which I managed to separate the Living from the dead, the white from the black. I am sure that this is only the beginning. And after repeatedly watching this program, I will discover new ideas. Now I can see the path. It is clear where I should move and how … I can say that the deep feelings that I had while watching the film does not end. It cannot come to its end at all, because it is Eternal! The main thing is to acknowledge your choice in every moment of Life.

I would like to express my gratitude for this program availability to everyone who was in front of the camera and behind it. Many thanks to the Spiritual World for this truly Invaluable gift for each of us!


Author: participant of AllatRa IPM

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