Sergey Balalaev. Kailash and its connection with ancient pyramid complexes and megaliths

At all times, scientists, researchers and climbers from all over the world have been attracted by the mysteriousness of the sacred mountain in Tibet – Kailash. The ALLATRA TV team had the pleasure to interview Sergey Balalaev who is a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, member of regular research expeditions in the Kailash region, and author of the photo album “Call of Kailash” and co-author of the book “Tibet – Kailash. Mysticism and Reality.”

Mount Kailash has posed a large number of questions for humanity, and together with Sergey, we tried to answer some of them:

  • What unites all the pyramids of the world and Kailash;
  • Sacred geometry of the pyramids;
  • The significance of pyramids in times of global cataclysms;
  • How are all megalithic complexes connected?

Within the framework of the 5th conference of the International Research Project Kaleidoscope of Facts “Ancient Pyramids on Earth and Other Planets,” a team of volunteers and scientists, studying the topic of Ancient Pyramids, is conducting its own independent research which everyone can join!

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