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Sex and the Spiritual Path

Is it good or bad to have sex? Is sex love or physical activity? What is sexual energy? Flirting, sex, power – the dictatorship of images? What is chastity? What is celibacy? How does the system impose false feelings on a human being? Is sex a hindrance on the spiritual path?

The mysterious feminine nature. A woman as a source of power that gives birth to life. Why has the woman been forced to forget that she’s a mother? Why in ancient times did they say that a woman was forty steps closer to heaven than a man? The inner fire of Love: how are the powers of Allat generated?

What doesn’t a man know about his nature and the nature of a woman? Why do men strive for immeasurable wealth and power? What forms the basis of sudden changes in one’s mood, desires and passions? Why do men need power over women?


THE ALLAT SISTERS – the heavenly birds, the spiritual treasure and the true wealth of humanity. Why were the Allat sisters called the “heavenly birds” and deeply worshipped in ancient times? Why during a certain period in the history of humankind were there no wars and violence? Allat’hiara as assistants of the Allat sisters. What caused the decline in spiritual development of humankind?

About Sophia’s group of the Templars. What was the invincible might and secret power of the Order of Knights Templar? What was the historical mistake of the Templars?

A sensational letter of a famous God-fighter. What happens to those who oppose spiritual power, and what is it fraught with for the society? What is hidden behind sodomy?

Why is a worldwide trend of a decrease in sexual activity being observed among people in recent years? Why are children with delayed development being born? Why is the “celibacy syndrome” observed? The end times. Warning of the ancients regarding the advent of the Angel of the Apocalypse. The time of choice and making a decision. Whom do you serve?

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