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Sexual Fantasies: A Trap Of Demons? Shadow Control. Eyewitness Stories. Diana

Have you ever encountered the manifestation of invisible forces in your life? Have you ever had extremely realistic dreams, sexual fantasies that evoke completely real physical sensations, or experienced the full range of human emotions from being connected to something unknown? Have you noticed how the line between your everyday life and the other world is gradually blurred, and you imperceptibly become a puppet for those who hide in the shadows?

If so, this video is for you. ALLATRA IPM participant from Kentucky, USA Diana shares her story of sexual fantasies and of her contact with the invisible side of her own secret desires.

Unlike her childhood in a conservative country, Diana’s youth was spent in conditions of permissiveness and undisguised promotion of sexual life in all its manifestations. At the school where the girl studied, sex education classes were held from the ninth grade. The open discussion of young people’s sexual preferences went from all sides, which naturally affected the psycho-emotional state of our heroine.

Diana had an obsessive desire to have a boyfriend, to have sexual intercourse. Unable to put this into practice, she began to run through scenarios in her head. During the day, she had sexual fantasies that caused emotions. Regular viewing of porn movies added fuel to the fire. It gave her the highest sexual pleasure – an orgasm. Diana began to notice that she was brought to orgasm by unusual mechanical movements that were produced not by herself, but by some invisible forces. As a rule, the next day after such “movie sessions,” the girl experienced a decline in strength and a complete lack of interest in life. As she now understands, there was the work of Incubi – creatures that come to people at night and feed on their sexual energy.

Watching porn movies and her sexual fantasies turned into an addiction that was difficult to get rid of. Emptiness, internal imbalance, and a narrowed state of consciousness became her constant companions. It is interesting that at one of the Christian meetings that our heroine previously attended, she heard the story of a guy who faced a similar problem. The girl remembered this story because the guy was handsome, and inwardly she condemned him for such a base predilection. However, soon the girl had to deal with this problem herself.

Wishing to cope with suicidal thoughts, Diana started taking antidepressants. Conflicts in the family became more frequent. The psychiatrist, to whom the girl turned for help, offered only two options out of the situation: the first – to have sex with someone and the second – to continue watching porn movies. Writing down everything that happened to her in a diary, Diana noted that a huge part of her life is occupied by flirting. At the university, the girl flirted with both her classmates and professors. Her consciousness was constantly throwing up promising sweet illusions about one or another guy. Sometimes sexual fantasies with men and women went too far: pregnancy, children, betrayal of a partner. For some reason, these illusions on the subject of relationships were attractive and drew her to go deeper into them.

ALLATRA TV has repeatedly covered the topic of flirting and magic in various videos, such as The Invisible World with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Sex and Flirting as Tools of Manipulation, and many others. It was noticed that, as a rule, the arrival of dark forces to a person is associated with his or her secret desires and self-indulgence.The same was confirmed by the heroine of today’s video, Diana, giving an example that if, while walking in the park, she turned the wrong way, flirting with someone in her head, it means that third forces are expected to come to her at night.

Scrolling through various images in his or her head, a person opens up to the system, and it begins to control him or her. Flirting is one of the “entry points” for the invisible world’s creatures into a person’s energy field. The consequences won’t take long.

The ALLATRA TV project “Shadow Control” was created with the purpose of disclosing this topic both from the philistine and scientific points of view. We invite all those who have encountered shadows in their lives or are just interested in this phenomenon to share your stories and join in exploring this issue. We look forward to receiving your letters.

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