Shadow control

Shadow Control. Black Mage Benton: Connection with Entities, the Danger of Magic, Soulless People

The team of Shadow Control science research project interviewed a black mage and healer from Los Angeles – Benton.

Since the age of 13, invisible entities have been attacking him during sleep, which made him interested in magic and eventually prompted him to practice it professionally.

Watch in this episode:

  • various types of entities
  • connection of politicians and celebrities with the devil
  • why there is no “white” magic
  • who soulless people are
  • why alcohol and drugs attract invisible entities
  • the connection between portals and places of accidents
  • why most mages become insane

Also, Benton demonstrates a ritual of cleansing from negative energy, and his client describes her sensations during the ritual and afterward.

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After all, only together we can put an end to the game of shadows in our lives!

Attention! Since the Shadow Control project is aimed at studying magic, extrasensory perception, and otherworldly phenomena, and also remembering the immutable law that every person has the right of choice and can engage in whatever he or she wants, comments to this project are disabled. We consider them unnecessary and often biased towards the participants of this project. It is impossible to study anything while being outside!


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