Shadow control

Shadow Control. Experiments

Every person faces the control of shadows in their life one way or another. Yet, not everyone sees it, and, moreover, not everyone is ready to admit it. Although the control of shadows over humanity is obvious. And it is totally obvious that today, for the first time in the existence of our civilization, we have a chance to get rid of the shadows’ slavery. Each person’s participation is important in this matter. Every story, any collected information, any recorded video or emailed request can become a decisive grain on the scales of humanity’s destiny.

Yet, every theory remains a theory unless it is confirmed by practice. The project is impetuously moving forward and proceeding to its practical part. In this video, a participant of the Movement gives his consent to participate in a unique experiment — an experiment that can shed light on the kingdom of shadows, an experiment that can grant freedom to people.

Everyone can become a participant of our project and contribute to it! Our freedom is in our hands!

Attention! Since the Shadow Control project is aimed at studying magic, extrasensory perception, and otherworldly phenomena, and also remembering the unshakable law that everyone has the right to choose and can do whatever they want, comments on this project are disabled. We consider them unnecessary and often biased in relation to the project participants. It is impossible to study anything from the outside!

Join the project, send your suggestions and stories to the project email:


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