Shadow control


Succubi and incubi are entities of the invisible world.

A new project “Shadow Control” has been launched on ALLATRA TV channel. The issues that will be addressed in this project relate to the invisible world and are based on real stories of people. These are topics that are not commonly discussed in society. Intimate things that are usually kept quiet. They are silent, because if you tell them, no one will believe you.

The topic of this episode is succubi and incubi. We will tell you how they differ, why they invade people’s lives, what succubi and incubi eat, what sex with a succubus is.

How do we perceive dreams? As a rule, no one takes what happens in a dream seriously, and this is a big mistake. When you have sex in a dream with someone you want in reality, the first sensations are joy. But this “joy” soon turns into a huge problem for a person.

All day a person can fantasize about having sex or dream about it. We do not think that such fantasies can have consequences, and what these consequences may be. But night comes…

What is dangerous about sex with a succubus?

Succubi and incubi are intelligent beings. They are connected in a dream to the consciousness of a person, and through images create various illusions. Images can be used in a variety of ways — from acquaintances to idols that a person admires. Thus, by capturing a person’s attention, the succubus creates an illusory reality in which the victim has sex with a certain image. As a result, a person pays for the illusion with their life energy, while not even realizing the danger they are putting their life in.

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You can learn more about what people don’t see and what the invisible world is like from the videos with the participation of I. M. Danilov.

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