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Shadow Control. Voodoo priestess Mama Zondo. Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets

In the new episode of Shadow Control, in the section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets, discover secrets of voodoo magic in an interview with the voodoo priestess Mama Zondo.

From the follower of the voodoo religious and magic tradition in Africa, we will discover:
– What is the origin of voodoo?
– “Zombie” practice in voodoo religion in the past and nowadays.
– How have people’s requests changed since 2020?
– Why is there sacrifice practice in voodoo?
– What are the requirements for initiation into voodoo magic?
– The role of ancestors and their assistance in voodoo magic.
– Results and payment for addressing a voodoo master.

In this episode, we got acquainted with the activity of a person who had chosen the path of learning and practical application of voodoo magic.

The Shadow Control team continues the global research, so follow our announcements and releases on the channel!

Anyone who is willing can participate in the Shadow Control project. For only together we can put an end to the game of shadows in our lives!

📍Attention! Since the Shadow Control project is aimed at studying magic, extrasensory perception and otherworldly phenomena and also remembering the immutable law that every person has the right of choice and can engage in whatever he or she wants, comments to this project are disabled. We consider them unnecessary and often biased towards the participants of this project. It’s impossible to study anything while being outside!

If you have any constructive suggestions or ideas, please write to the project email.


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