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Shadows play our lives. Meeting on the Shadow Control project

For many people, it is no longer a secret that the Shadow Control project has been launched on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. To this day, even if they have an experience of coming into contact with creatures of the invisible world, most people still stubbornly deny that some shadows play our lives.

Why do the majority of people persistently try to forget about this? And even if they speak, they do this just casually or on bright sunny days when there are many other people around? Not everyone is ready to study this subject seriously and comprehensively, although everyone has had such an experience.
This time, participants of the meeting that was held in the ALLATRA Coordination Center were Andrey, Elchin, Lilia, and Alexander. Before the meeting began, the guys made a little tour and showed the unique PYRAMID apparatus that has no analogues in the world. It fully replicates the human energy structure. And since it is already known that shadows have an impact precisely on the energy structure, this machine will be used in the experimental part of the project. Inside the PYRAMID, there is a seat for an operator — a person who works with the PYRAMID. To the right, as many people remember from the previous experiments, there is a unit for managing tori, meaning, for regulating their power.

About the impact of the invisible world

Owing to the earlier collected materials, it has been ascertained that people most often face succubi and incubi. An incubus is a creature that comes to women and has sexual intercourses with them. A succubus is a creature that attends men at night and provokes voluptuous dreams in them. After the impact of a succubus or an incubus on a person’s energy structure, his or her attention weakens and their health deteriorates, i.e. extremely negative manifestations begin in their life. Participants of the meeting discuss what to do with such manifestations and try to figure out why these creatures visit people.

What forces a mentally healthy person to purposefully stop a minibus with people on a rail track where a train is already speeding? Or to direct an aircraft with passengers onto a peacefully sleeping city? If a person addresses a specialist with such a problem, the doctor will act according to the protocol: “Here’s a pill, go to a certain establishment, and they will help you.” Although these actions comply with the protocol, they don’t work, as many people already confirm. This topic is tabooed, therefore a tremendous factor of the influence of the invisible world on a human is not taken into account. Yet, what actually works and can help other people cope with such things?

In this video, you will discover the following:

Why do the stars of show business and sports conclude a deal with the devil? Thomas Aquinas’s teaching of succubi and incubi. Why is a person, who invests absolutely all his attention in the topic of shadows, mistaken when he believes that he studies and controls them?

Why do neither guardian items nor prayers nor aluminium foil help to get rid of these creatures? What is a human endowed with unlike any other living being? Shadows are actually hunting for this very thing. Cases on marital infidelity with a demon. Please, join our research, we will happily welcome you, for we have plenty of work to do. It is planned to record interviews with various experts and clergymen of various religions. We will jointly figure out how people can protect themselves and resist the negative impact on their own.

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