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Shaitan’s Soccer

Shaitan’s soccer. How do people lose themselves in the desert of material illusions and daydreams, instilled thoughts, and mindsets? Who draws a person into endless arguments in his head and sorting out who is right and who is wrong? Who forces a person to invest valuable attention in the ball point of a problem and narrows the horizon of his spiritual path? Who kicks thoughts in a person’s head along various trajectories and makes him suffer, be aggressive, discharge a lot of emotion and vital energy, and be a controlled element in the system?

What kind of thoughts come into a person’s head and why? How to get rid of intrusive thoughts? Why do thoughts depress us, worsen our mood and immobilize us in our activities? Why in our thoughts do we prove something to someone and enter into arguments? Who benefits from that? Why is it said in Islam that daydreamers are the hope of shaitan? What should you know about your consciousness? How does it act, provoke, accuse and attack? How can you critically treat your consciousness and begin to explore yourself? How to get stronger on the spiritual path?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov 

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