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Shockingly rapid Climate Changes across the planet! Australia, Italy, USA, Canada, India

Climate changes on Earth are increasing and this is the reality of today.

Climatic anomalies: floods, heavy snowfall, tornadoes, hurricanes, record temperatures, storms are happening much more often on the planet.

Climate news from around the world. Winter 2019.
Anomalous winter once again broke the usual life of people, setting new temperature and snow records.

In this episode of “Breaking News”on ALLATRA TV:

  • Volcanic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire zone
  • Seismic activity
  • Floods: South America, Australia, Italy
  • Storm: Ireland and Great Britain
  • Large hail: Argentina, India
  • Tornado: Cuba
  • Abnormal snowfalls: Kashmir, Tunisia, Russian Federation, France, USA
  • Temperature records: Altai, Siberia

Anomalous weather breaks the usual life of people, setting new records every time. The climate is changing before our eyes.
What is the way out for humanity in the period of global climate change?

The answer is in the unique programme on

AllatRa TV

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