Creative Society

SHOVEL | Animated Short Film

Over the millennia of the existence of civilization, we have been taught to shift the responsibility for the organization of our society onto the rulers. We are used to thinking that someone has to come and do everything for us. But if we look at the current situation in the world, we will see that this is a dead-end. Only personal responsibility of each person for society as a whole will help us very quickly build the world that all our prophets spoke about – the Creative Society.

This deeply meaningful cartoon was presented at the world conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of”, which took place on March 20, 2021, and became a landmark event for all humankind. For the first time, people of different nationalities, religions, from different parts of the world came together and openly said that God is one and the Truth is one for all. By uniting on One Truth, we can build a Creative Society.


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