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SIBERIA. Deadly THREAT to Humanity | Egon Cholakian

📢 Urgent Appeal by Egon Cholakian to All Rational People on the Planet.
How does Siberia threaten the existence of all humanity, and why does global media remain silent? Does Humanity Have a Chance to Survive? Egon Cholakian has stated that there are two threats leading humanity toward its end: cosmic influence on our planet and the demise of the world’s oceans. The crucial task now is to unite efforts and find methods to eliminate these threats facing humanity. What role do scientists, politicians, and media representatives play in saving the planet? And most importantly, what can each individual do?

In this video, Egon Cholakian delves into each of these topics, particularly addressing rational people who fully grasp the extent of danger. In his urgent appeal, Egon Cholakian emphasizes that today, the prevention of a planetary catastrophe depends precisely on every sound-minded person, regardless of their education or occupation. The survival of humanity now rests on the shoulders of each person capable of comprehending the issue and acting in accordance with this understanding.

As Egon Cholakian said, addressing people:
“You must convey the truth to humanity. You must deliver the diagnosis. The diagnosis that the patient must know. Today, the patient is all of humanity – And the diagnosis is life-threatening. Every rational person today must become a doctor, sharing with the patient the diagnosis that threatens the very life of humanity. If we are unaware of our diagnosis and the fact that we are mortally ill, we will continue in inaction. Inaction will kill us.”

➡️ This video is being published on our channel because it contains vital information about addressing the climate crisis, which pertains to the survival of all humanity.

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