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The Value of Human Life is The Main Focus of The Creative Society

Today, the majority of the world population is far from being in the best living conditions. Masses of people endure deprivations, restrictions, the percentage of people living below the poverty line is rapidly growing. Hunger, disease, problems with drinking water, wars, destruction, climate refugees, mortality due to low level of medicine, children who are abandoned and unwanted by anyone, constant work at hard jobs with little pay or vice versa, the lack of employment as a way to survive, and huge taxes on everything that is provided for use – all this takes place everywhere in our “civilized” 21st century, in the age of high technology and scientific discoveries. The reason for this is the consumerist format of relations when the lives of billions of people are devalued, and human rights are violated in the inhuman race for profit and constant enrichment of the minority.

There are currently laws on rights and freedoms in most countries of the world. But in reality, the concept of the value of human life has remained at the level of theory. In the practice of any state, the organization of public order, medicine, education, and the like are aimed at ensuring the existence of several individuals and the economy focused on the welfare of these individuals, as well as other factors, but not on satisfying the needs of every citizen. Unfortunately, improvement of the life of the population is not the main goal.

The majority of our planet’s residents continue to dream about the availability of quality healthcare, stable decent earnings, and satisfying basic needs for the sustenance of themselves and their descendants. However, the reality brings them back to running in search of food for their families, leaving them to be satisfied only with dreams of better conditions. In today’s world, a person is left to himself or herself. If we look at the needs of the prevailing population, people don’t actually ask for anything extra, exorbitant, or impossible. People want what should already belong to them by right. People want peace in the world, equal rights and opportunities, sufficient material prosperity to meet basic needs.

The latest crisis has finally exposed the problems of consumer society. Now everyone understands that this situation cannot continue and something has to be changed. Many are in search of a new format of thinking and new guiding values.

Having considered the ideas of the Creative Society, I find in myself full accord with the initiatives that this project bears, and understand all importance of implementation of a new format of human mutual relations on a global scale. Besides, I cannot but mention the presence of the fundamental pillar in building it, which are the eight foundations of the Creative Society. What society is based on actually sets a vector of activity for all of its directions, and, subsequently, defines the quality of life of the society itself as well as every person in it. In this article, we would like to discuss the importance of the first foundation – Human Life.

The first foundation of the Creative Society:

Human Life

Human life is the highest value. Life of any Human has to be protected as one’s own. The goal of society is to ensure and guarantee the value of each Human’s life. There is not and never can there be anything else more valuable than a Human’s life. If one Human is valuable, then all Humans are valuable!

Familiarizing ourselves with the eight foundations of the Creative Society, we see that already in the first foundation the topic of the value of each person’s life is given a proper place. If we go deep into the essence of this subject, we understand that in this state of things, any development, any sphere, any activity, no matter what we take, everything in society will be aimed primarily at improving the life of each person. Only in such a society, based on the value of human life, all other guidelines will be in accord. That means, existence of the poor, hungry, abandoned, and sick will be ruled out a priori. Everyone’s life will be above anything, with the guarantee of providing for their needs, with high wages, and with the equally high and affordable level of healthcare. Similarly, there will be no precedent for any conflict or violence, let alone any kind of war.

Taking into account the state of our modern humanity with a tendency towards the consumerist format of relations; taking into account many events going on in the world known for their anti-humanism directed against a human being, his life and the lives of millions of people, the above quoted words from the first foundation are striking with their humaneness and are deep in their essence. They are undoubtedly relevant in our difficult times. While reading just them alone, you already realize that building the Creative Society is in great demand among people who have suffered enough. For all of us, the Creative Society represents that very lifeline in the dangerous raging ocean of turmoil and hardships of the consumer society.

Nowadays, humankind is going through a series of tests in various constraints and crises, but, in fact, it is one test — for the level of our humaneness, for our readiness to consolidate and unite. Society itself must decide whether it can unite and consolidate in the right direction. The stage of humanity’s maturity has come, when many people already awaken, see the picture of this world and look for ways to change it. Precedents in the implementation of building the Creative Society already exist. We are on the verge of great changes in our civilization.

At this point, we all have to realize that a fundamental component of society itself has always been a Human being, every human being: all of us. It is us who create this society and who set the vector of its development. We should not abandon responsibility for our common home and our one united family — humanity. There’s no need to wait for better times, we can already start creating them today.

Do we want to create a society that a priori rules out conflicts, wars, and precedents infringing on the safety of any resident of our planet? Do we want to create a society where healthcare is at the highest level, equally accessible to everyone? Of course we do. Every reasonable person wants such a society. Everyone deserves such a society by birthright. The Creative Society is a guarantee that all people are born equal and that living in such conditions of equality and freedom is absolutely possible.

We have a choice. We can either continue to exist in a consumer society with ultimate regression and actual lack of enforcement of our rights and freedoms, with its inevitable end — self-destruction. Or we can choose a different path of building a new Creative Society with a dominant focus on preserving the life of each person, his or her health, comfort and vital benefits. These are the two paths that lie before the world. One of them has prevailed for many centuries and millennia, and it is prevalent now. The consumerist format has already demonstrated enough what deadlock we as humanity have reached. People can no longer live like this.

The other way is to build the Creative Society, which will eventually lead to the Ideal Society. However, the Creative Society itself already opens to us new horizons of freedom, equality, without social classes and other inequalities. It gives absolutely everyone opportunities to exist safely, it gives confidence in the future with a guarantee of preservation of his life in complete safety.

Some people have not yet fully realized the greatness of the course called the “Creative Society” for humanity. It is a new era for all humanity, which will light all of us with the sign of changes for the better. Only with such a course will humankind survive. Only with such a course will everyone’s life be truly appreciated, providing everyone with all sorts of conditions for their good happy existence. Only such a course can really stop all wars, clearly eliminating the occurrence of any negative precedent. It is the only way to save the lives of those who live presently, and subsequently to give a happy life to billions of our descendants. A great mission falls on the modern generation: to build a society for a Human Being. Let us be worthy of the title of a Human and Humankind. Let us give a wonderful future to our descendants. Let us give a platform for the continuation of our civilization.

This is an appeal to you, to the one who is reading these lines, to our society, to all humanity. Don’t you want to forget about all the worries for tomorrow, for yourself, for your loved ones, to solve problems with housing and food? After all, it is a tiny part of what you and each person in the Creative Society will be guaranteed to receive. Now you have a real chance to contribute to this. Everyone who actively participates in building the Creative Society, who acts for the benefit of society and hence for the benefit of each person, already has the support of people from all over the world, a huge world community. There are many people who are not indifferent. Those who are not with us yet, just do not know about this alternative but are already in search of the relevant information and the necessary answers to act in the right direction. We should just convey to them that there is a way out, that already everywhere around the world there is a movement of concerned people towards our common human happy future. Already tomorrow each of them together with us will observe the beginning of the rise of a new society of creation, greatness, honour, justice, and freedom. Being one of the participants of building the Creative Society, each of us can proudly look in the eyes of our descendants, leaving them a legacy of a new magnificent world.

Progress is possible when people unite for a common goal. While our ultimate goal is to come to an Ideal Society through the Creative Society. It is only in ourselves, in our unity of movement towards the goal accompanied by a common right choice that the future of humankind lies. May our hearts be united in the effort to change our world for the better! May the preservation of life and well-being of everyone in this world be an essential goal of the new society! May there be the Creative Society, where every citizen of this great family will find happiness and confidence in the future!

Alex Friedman

Creative Society

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