Spiritual Awakening – how to gain Real Life?

For everyone in search of spiritual awakening there are key questions and issues to solve.
Spiritual Awakening — where does your spiritual path begin? What is the main goal of human life? How important is it to find your true self? What should you learn first to feel God’s Love? How to attain spiritual enlightenment? How to feel the world of God? How to come in contact with Spiritual Love?

In this video there is important information for every human being, unique and invaluable answers to the questions:
Who is a human?
What is he here for?
What is the true purpose of his life?
What is consciousness and how does it work?
What is Spirit and what does a person need to come in contact with It?
Why is everything in this material world worthless in comparison to the Spiritual World?
What people experience in contact with Spiritual World and what does it feel like?
What is Love — Real Love?

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