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Spiritual Friendship: What Is It? Why Is It Important for a Human Being?

Spiritual friendship: what is its essence? What is it from the perspective of the Circle of Life? The concept of friendship in Buddhism. Differences between ordinary and spiritual friendship. What is the ultimate goal of spiritual friendship? Why is there no need for saints to be hermits, and why should they stay among people? If a person doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to be friends, what does this mean? The role and meaning of true friendship in human life.

0:00 – Spiritual friendship and the Circle of Love
0:36 – What did Buddha say about spiritual friendship?
1:09 – What is spiritual friendship from the perspective of the Circle of Life? The meaning of the word Maitreya.
3:02 – Why do many friends disappear when a person embarks on the spiritual path?
6:16 – True spiritual friendship: what is it like, and what is its common goal?
7:05 – The concept of true friendship in Buddhism
8:24 – What is the difference between ordinary and spiritual friendship?
9:31 – Which way of spiritual development is easier and quicker: on one’s own or in a group?
11:24 – Friendship in its proper spiritual sense: what is its meaning?
12:41 – Why do some people think they don’t have the ability to be friends? True spiritual friendship.

“The Circle of Life”

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